November Writing Challenge – 3: Clarity

I stood on the edge, the wind running through my hair, 300 metres high staring at the delights of London. The Shard is where I had taken her. She loved heights, beautiful views, surprises. So here was the ultimate surprise at the highest point in London with a champagne bar. Damnit I was nervous. She... Continue Reading →


November Writing Challenge – 2: Wind

Althea sat amongst the clouds, surveying the scenes from below. They all look so lost she thought, staring pointedly at a young mother attempting to calm her screaming infant. Giving up her human life had been a decision that cost her much, but Althea had been called to her purpose, a purpose she had been unable to... Continue Reading →

Post-Apocalypse teaser

Martha sat watching the wind. It whispered, but she could hear it as loud as sirens. The sun eliminating the swaying long grass, dancing to the whistled wind song. It was so quiet. That was why she played. Before, Martha had always wanted to play the ukulele. Never had much time before, working late every... Continue Reading →

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