Book Review: The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

This book is exciting, enthralling and I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t recommend it enough, and if you’re a fan of mystery and thrillers this book is perfect for you.

Spoilers are minimal but I hint towards plot lines.

Lo Blackwood begins the book being burgled. It’s intense reading straight from the off, but the worst is yet to come for Lo.

Following the burglary she is off on the maiden voyage of the Aurora – a luxury cruise ship – for the press launch. Lo is a journalist for a travel magazine, and whilst on board witnesses what she believes to be a body being dumped off the side of the boat from the cabin next door. However, no-one is missing on board, and further more there was never anyone in the cabin next to hers.

The mystery continues throughout the book, with everyone on board under suspicion. Did Lo imagine it, or was someone thrown off the side of the boat? Who can she trust?

The book plays out like a murder mystery, but we’re not even sure that a murder has taken place. It’s interesting to read how the characters treat Lo, and how she goes on her own investigation following the lack of interest from most others on board.

I love the different forms of writing that are used in the book – emails and tweets of Lo’s boyfriend and colleagues contacting Lo whilst she’s on board – telling the story from an outsider’s perspective. I loved how the author really keeps you guessing all the way through as to what exactly is happening, only at the end letting us know the whole truth.

This book is the perfect twist on a murder mystery and I found it really original. I loved the cliff hangers all the way through, and how satisfying the end was (no spoilers but have to say how brilliant the end is).

5/5 –  this book is perfection.


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